Building Adobe walls

So something ive noticed even though ive never built the walls is that a lot of players will just start throwing down clay walls for a building. Thats good walls are nice and help keep places warm. Unfortunately those walls wont last forever. I always see theese walls crumble after a few lives. But there is a solution. You cover the walls in plaster. So if your planing to make a wall my sugestion is to tore your adobe near the worksite but dont start building untill you have a plaster ready to paint your walls white. All it takes is those square white rocks called limestone you see every where that are practiclly useless. The only other thing you can use those for is to make burritos… As odd as that sounds lol. You run them through the forge to get the quick lime then just ad water and there you go. It ultimately will save resources in the long run and will ensure that your work will stay beautiful unless it is griefed.


Nice advice!

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