Building floors?

How do I connect the floors to the walls in buildings ?


You cant

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Aw :confused: thought I wasnt building them right. Thx!

Yeah, for some reason.

I know this is old - but this is currently still not possible, is it? I was looking in the forum if there’s a solution to it but couldn’t find anything.

sometimes i build floors befor i put the walls there. but then they are visible on the other side of the wall. i don’t like the look of it either way :wink:

Yeah I already did that too. Also don’t like it that much :slightly_frowning_face: my inner architect cringes everytime I see the floors not going to the wall or going beyond. @Christoffer can’t we make it possible to connect the floors to north-south walls without a gap? My inner architect would love you very much for this :relieved: