Building ideas💡

Some future buildings i’m thinking about making! Need some feedback cause some of them might be ideas you need brain power for and I’m running on 2 1/2 brain cells. And i need some ideas!

-Giant Chess board? Lots of games you can play on that?
-Zoo? I don’t know how to get the bison (I think it’s a bison) or a boar. Usually get them by mistake. And the turkey might take awhile. Saw an awesome one and now I wanna make one.
-escape room? But again I’m not that smart and that takes brain power!
-classrooms? One where I have all the stuff made already like a blue print and they have to make it and put it together? Like cake or a wheelbarrow?
-bear range! Whoever can kill the most bears in an allotted amount of time and lives wins!

Some of these I’ve seen before but others I haven’t. Would do a race track and/or a maze but that would take literally forever. Any other ideas??


uuuuh yes a zoo :star_struck: i think i saw a zoo before and i wondered how they did it, to get all the animals there.

but if i also remember correctly, if you fill a small biome with too many horses, sometimes tiles of other biomes begin to glitch. so maybe it is possible to glitch animals of a certain biome into another place :slight_smile:

keep me updated on your progress. i love all those ideas :star_struck:


I, too, have always been curious about how people captured various wild animals for a zoo. Would love to hear how you do it!


One of Amalon gifts is a turkey. You can open her packages in the zoo room and hope for the best.


Yeah, I forgot about her! Got the turkey after 5 gold ingots lol. Hopefully nobody kills him before he goes in his forever prison :joy:


Forever prison sounds harsh :sweat_smile: Let’s say “new home” :thinking: