Building new town! (Please help me to build this town)

layout of the my town

I since I lost a bell town. I will make a new town! Here is the plan!
I put borders to prevent Foreign Players like griefers coming to the town
And destroying my town!.


What did you use to plan this?

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share some design for you


you can use this to create.

(it takes a while to open it!!)


What exactly is the police form for

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for Imprisoning bad people

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What will your borders be made of?


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If you’re planning to have kids those are easy to dismantle. If you have the time you could use bell towers. They take a lot of time to place tho. I’ve done it twice and if you don’t plan to stay there for long it’s a bad idea.


Idk how you’re going to do that

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You use the stone blocks to create a border, and they take time to set but I don’t think you can dismantle them. Then you choose a couple of points to add doors with locks on them.

I was in a town before that I was introduced to through a Christmas event that they did one year. I helped them do this.

Doing all of that with fences is just going to be a waste of your time because they’re extremely easy to dismantle. All you need is a mallet and a shovel.

I’m doing the same thing right now in creating my own town after my old one got overrun. So I’ve thought about this, for sure. If it doesn’t matter that much to you then go ahead and use fences, but for me I know it will be easy for kids to take stuff and run away with it through fences, as well as for many of the neighboring towns to break in and take things if they found the place and felt like doing that.

So it’s not necessary but definitely something to think about.

I love how the last two pictures look like houses. That’s so clever and creative.