Building new town US-Beginner

So I am currently working on a new little town. I do this often, I experiment with town designs, try different farm layouts, all that stuff… as soon a town bores me I start again somewhere else and put a new peace lily there.

So my current little project is on US-beginner server. And today I noticed that someone was there, making a new homemarker and put a peace lily on it. But the town wasn’t changed at all. Nothing was taken or added or used in some way. So I am curious who placed a peace lily there but didn’t „use“ my town? Btw if someone finds it - feel free to live there and add peace lily as you wish. I don’t stick to my towns for very long, so when it’s griefed I just start a new project. So if you are the one who found my town, feel free to live there :blush: I add some pics so you can recognize it


Wow, nice town! :star_struck:
I like this farm layout !:thinking:

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Thank you! Feel free to use it in each town you build a farm :smile:

It’s actually very convenient to have the boxes in each row for tools or storage crocks, etc.