Bull cart to carry 6 things at a time

Because of some reason ( don’t want to be thought to be copying other game) , we can’t attach rubber wheels to horse cart. But , carrying 6 things at a time at a fast speed , hmmm, that is fun. So , I suggest Bison cart to carry 6 things at 1 time. It will be slightly easier to obtain fast cart if you don’t live near the desert. You will be riding on a bull, how cool is it. I want to hear all your great suggestions about transportation. It will be fun .


Here is another suggestion by @RubyAce made on discord.

With larger towns it gets harder to bring big rocks and flat rocks back to town.
So here is the idea to use a stronger animal with a bigger cart to get the rocks to the right place.

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Bildschirmfoto 2021-02-03 um 18.21.30


possible recipe:

rope+ cloth Saddle +Domestic Bison+ Hand cart=Bison cart (which can take more stuff than horse cart)