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Hello there. If you have tapped/clicked here, it’s either because you wanna debate, or wanna vote.
I did this because players should know the ultimate 1h1l experience. Babies who live in that server their whole lives will never actually grow up!!! Everyone has to go through murder at some point. It’s a thing of the game, like an invisible rule. I don’t say that the server should be destroyed and brutally murdered, but like give the server a vacation for like 2 weeks (or less). Bc i’m pretty sure there are people who only have lived there. Just so they know what’s like to witness murder, to murder, so they get out of their bubble.

Stay, or leave?

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Honestly, if people want to build up a civilization, get familiarized to the game without having people eviscerate you for getting in the way of smithing or pie-making, I think it’s fine for them to play it that way.

I respect Jason Rohrer’s original game where the players decide the morality within the game, but I also think that there are merits to play with the no-PVP rule in place. It’s definitely not the original 1h1l experience as you say, but there’s a different dynamic that sort of gameplay can entail.

It might sound like a good idea on paper, but there’s a chance that putting it on hold for 2 weeks could put off players to the point of not wanting to play ever again. If you think that the game is better with the exodus of players as they can’t handle the true experience, it’s clear that you’re trying to force a certain worldview to a group that want no part of that.

That said, I agree that the PVP rules make the game more sublime, but I also want people to stay and enjoy the game. I’d rather see people leave because they’ve exhausted the gameplay elements and are fully content rather than leaving because being forced to live in a server where they have to accept that they may be inevitably murdered for no good reason is giving them a negative (yet still sublime) experience.

So in the end, it doesn’t really affect me whichever decision is made, just consider the risks involved.


Well @carbon good point… However the cities on jp no kill will end up like the ones before the apocalyse, at the top of the tech tree; waiting for an update so they can do it in three minutes. And that’s no fun.

By the way.
I didn’t say specifically 2 weeks, it could leave for 5 days or even less.

Well since you mentioned the apocalypse, lets let that be the solution. Once every couple of weeks lets reactivate the apocalypse on that server only. That would solve the problem of civilization getting too advanced and would let those who wish to persue horse worship a chance to do so. It would give greafers a purpose and ultimate goal. Personally I would love to speedrun the apocalypse again.

Good idea…

Well said!

@WumboJumbo, @carbon, @LavishFox, @Christoffer, @Jincheng, the votes have ended. The results are: ….…… STAY!!!
I tried, but it was the decision of the people and they decided

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I didn’t get to vote because the poll was closed.

Welp sorry @WumboJumbo you came late.

I think that if players don’t want to have the ability to kill each other in the game they should be allowed to if they get bored doing so then that’s there own fault and should join up with another server it doesn’t affect any of the players who chose to stay on servers where you can get murdered or griefers which is a whole new experience to the game and can actually create new challenges for people plus it’s always useful to have some basic pvp skills incase someone is out to kill you and the village makes many opporiunities to be the hero :’) besides that it is a good place for new players to learn the game and not have the risk of getting killed when they make a mistake we was all new once and we’ve all made mistakes in the past so I believe they made the right choice in staying