Can I get a refund on my Family Ties Add-On?

The reason why I want a refund is because I don’t find any use to the add-on. I only use the feature sometimes. But who needs it when you can actually play the game. So please if you understand. Can I get a refund for the “Family Ties Add-On”? What do you guys think?


I think that 2.99 is a very reasonable price for the add on, and even if you’ve only used it a few times and don’t plan on using it again you’ve already got your money’s worth out of it.

As I see it it’s kind of like buying a gallon of milk and only drinking a glass or two then trying to return it because you don’t intend to drink the rest of it. No offense meant of course!


For beginner players family ties is great! Lets say you dont have enough time for a full life, you can observe someone and learn how they work and discover tricks that would take you a very long time to find out on your own.

Down the line you can use it to curse griefers that may have killed you or even find a way to make friends by leaving a comment on the family tree and chatting with them out of the game.

One of the best three bucks I spent really.


I would just take the lousey $3 loss. It’s already been like 5 days since you made the purchase.

The resellers dictate the rules for refunds. We only make the game - they sell it and handle the money transactions.
Send receipts and details to though, and I’ll see what we can do to help.

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