Can I get advice for a new town?

Hey guys, I usually play as Jane Quarry on US beg 2 and I’m planning a second quarry town a small distance from my original town because I’m sick of my old layout because of how everything’s distanced apart and none of it was really built by one person with a clear vision, so I was wondering if anyone had pointers on building a town, for example what to use space for, how much space to use for different functions, where to put different areas, other idea for storage, efficiency, preferred materials, etc.?


here some thoughts on biomes:

The last city i did build was on grassland. Its around 25-35 tiles wide. I wish it would be more like 25 tiles wide. On the right side i have a yellow prairies for food and clothing. on the left side i have a swamp for water and clay.

i think this setup is quite good because you will always have some basic stuff on hand.

a close badland might help with iron. so you wont have to travel too much. also a desert for later game stuff might help for making explosives.

the other bioms can be random in my opinion. i dont get that much from a snow biome or jungle. so i dont mind if they are further away.


Working stations

So what i did was to bring stuff together which you use often together.

For food i would have sheeps, veggie and wheet farm and food storage close to center. so people meet often in the center.

Clothes production, rabbits and graveyard i would also have near each other. Maybe with a seperate sheep pen just for wool. The graveyard is there so people bring their clothes back.

Smith and new common i would build near badlands so you dont have to go to far for iron.

Bakery, bee hives, cows and geese i would also group together so the baker dosent have to move too far.

Maybe you also could have a paint and plaster production near each other.

Yeah thats about it.


Thank you guys for the feedback! I’ll be sure to keep it in mind!

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Dont forget to make a goose slaughtering post somewhere.
Incase someone greifs by making 80 geese or something you can put a fence gate infront of a choped down tree and keep it closed. Chop a goose on it and it should stay there forever until the gate is opened. Then when the head disappears chop another one. When your on the last goose just close the gate first then chop it and it should save the stump with the goose on it until you need it.

I dont know for sure if this still works since it was something i would do a while back but i dont think its been patched out yet.

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