Can I get advice for a new town?

Hey guys, I usually play as Jane Quarry on US beg 2 and I’m planning a second quarry town a small distance from my original town because I’m sick of my old layout because of how everything’s distanced apart and none of it was really built by one person with a clear vision, so I was wondering if anyone had pointers on building a town, for example what to use space for, how much space to use for different functions, where to put different areas, other idea for storage, efficiency, preferred materials, etc.?


here some thoughts on biomes:

The last city i did build was on grassland. Its around 25-35 tiles wide. I wish it would be more like 25 tiles wide. On the right side i have a yellow prairies for food and clothing. on the left side i have a swamp for water and clay.

i think this setup is quite good because you will always have some basic stuff on hand.

a close badland might help with iron. so you wont have to travel too much. also a desert for later game stuff might help for making explosives.

the other bioms can be random in my opinion. i dont get that much from a snow biome or jungle. so i dont mind if they are further away.


Working stations

So what i did was to bring stuff together which you use often together.

For food i would have sheeps, veggie and wheet farm and food storage close to center. so people meet often in the center.

Clothes production, rabbits and graveyard i would also have near each other. Maybe with a seperate sheep pen just for wool. The graveyard is there so people bring their clothes back.

Smith and new common i would build near badlands so you dont have to go to far for iron.

Bakery, bee hives, cows and geese i would also group together so the baker dosent have to move too far.

Maybe you also could have a paint and plaster production near each other.

Yeah thats about it.


Thank you guys for the feedback! I’ll be sure to keep it in mind!

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Dont forget to make a goose slaughtering post somewhere.
Incase someone greifs by making 80 geese or something you can put a fence gate infront of a choped down tree and keep it closed. Chop a goose on it and it should stay there forever until the gate is opened. Then when the head disappears chop another one. When your on the last goose just close the gate first then chop it and it should save the stump with the goose on it until you need it.

I dont know for sure if this still works since it was something i would do a while back but i dont think its been patched out yet.


it needs to be blocked all directions or it walks off. there is a workaround tho, it’s the portable walls. beehive base and brick molds. put plaster on a stone brick then a wooden board, don’t do small boxes, not necessary, it already blocks movement in this case, can be picked up but can only swapped with an item, can’t be put down I think or it’s just harder to swipe it, but I’m able to put down big signs and can’t drop beehive base so dunno.
the brick molds are easier, just do 2 stakes, stack it, smash it with a stone and put a board on it. both might be moved on accident so it’s not foul proof but if the stump is gone then the whole build around would be pointless.
and ofc you can have a box on bottom, fence with shaft on top, trees or any blocking thing on one side, a home marker or bush other side and another box/fence/wall on right
I put a torch base as it’s an item you can walk on but can’t move, can be a home marker, stake hit, or just a bowl or basket of soil
so like a mini pen with front entrance
corner doesn’t work as the stump is an item you can’t walk on

I’m not 100% if you need all this, and did this whole mess but forgot to screenshot ingame, you certainly need one under it, as the last change was that the bear and goose checks 2 tile under, will test if diagonals are needed

it’s not griefing, it’s actually good to put eggs in dung, it deletes it if the pen is full. you don’t need all dung, it’s enough to have once in a while. sheep needs 3-4 tiles to poop (lamb, sheep, dung, then the spot has to be open when they split, if not then might not poop). if you use wild berries, and carrot, it’s enough for the full cycle and you will have excess poop. and they either fill too many crocks or just use shovel way too many times.

actually the beehive base can be used to further limit the size of the pen and go up in numbers one by one and have way less poop than normally. so for a 10x5 pen you can split it with 6 beehive bases and move it around to expand/contract the size without making new fences.

for the biomes:
grassland is overrated, with trees planted anywhere is the same. the earlier version of OHOL, had the same biomes and swamp towns were more efficient, you can clear most of the things and got space to build things. since clay is refilling, in YAH you need to stay away from clay spots, it’s a waste not using it, but it might limit expansion. a separate kiln just for pottery can be near the biggest clay deposit.

you really only need a few juniper trees to make a fire so either savannah or green, as you can’t plant that. so for same reason, other than rabbit holes, everything removable in savannah.
in YAH I really enjoy badland access, blueberries and caves can block, but depends on layouts. blueberries can give good food to make pies, collecting a few crocks after raspberries are gone. they can’t be moved so it might be annoying to build around it.

I prioritized iron veins in my last 2 spawn spots, and you can even make kilns next to the mine and save on transport time. it only really needs a few branches until you make an axe, you don’t need the green biome anymore, and people cut trees anyway, then it’s better to cut the swamp and badlands entirely than a green, just plant some maple later.

as for buildings: the most high tech is the sheep, gives clothes and pads, saddles and food. so it’s good to optimize around it. mainly you need 2 entrances, one input and one output, can be more but unnecessary, I prefer front entrances for easy expansion.
the output is bones and poop, it’s usually better to have a useless ice/desert next to it so when they dump out things won’t mess up the town. same for graveyard and big deserts got a lot of flat rocks. sand can also be used for bricks so that’s also a good combo near graves. it’s easier to control the buildings with roads, they can’t dig and plant on them.
the only thing worth considering otherwise would be 4-6 wild berry bushes, if you collect it into crocks back to back each 10 minutes, it can do a bunch of clothes without doing any domestic ones.

the oven can be next to the sheep pen from other side, and wheat can help compost and oven. there were some nice designs where you can cook a bunch of meat without transporting all around the town.

the center should be void of farms, and just food and clothing storage, it can also expand to one other side of town, like a jungle without mosquitos (wall off or kill them).

I prefer more spacing for main kilns, and further from the oven, so a top to bottom split is usually best. side by side it can be also messed up more. people tend to go sideways more and mix up things.
also further from water so they won’t farm right next to it. maybe one kiln in center, as they will always mess that up, and the main kilns further away where the smith can work in peace without noobs and babies running around.

a single fence for a horse can speed up the work anywhere, so for each 9x9 area have a fence somewhere near it. the main well can have a cistern next to it, then another cistern where there is a lot of natural soil, or where you do compost. horse can optimize most tasks and make distance less of an issue. I tend to use the horse all my life, and with proper prep work you can reach most areas in town and most strategic resources that refill outside town, like horseback rabbit hunting, rubber, sulphur, palm collection, clay collection, sand, etc.

roads can be nice, but I would avoid flat rock roads as they are used by smith and graves too so there isn’t enough for all and causes issues, also fast running is better to connect areas, not middle of the town, sliding around can be annoying. bricks look much better. and you can space out areas and make a few brick squares for work areas, a fence next, so people can use one for their projects. a big connected one can be intimidating for people and makes them feel that the town is complete and they can’t contribute.

also there is nothing wrong with multiple animal pens, multiple food storage, as long as it’s recognizable and organized.

Here is a question…is there any way to get rid of domestic gooseberry bushes? Someone planted about 15 of them in my little camp, and they are such a waste.

For the same reason, I am wondering if there is any way to create fertile soil? With worms or something?? Because all those good berry bushes pretty much took up all my soil patches!! :frowning:

sadly you need to soil and water and let it rot, and hopefully they don’t touch it, because if they do then need to do it again, bit wonky, only half of it seems to rot next time if people take some of it, not sure why, I don’t have time to check, digging them out takes forever

I had a girl farming on my camp, even before people dropped ■■■■ near kiln but then she made two extra soil closer to kiln, there was only 2 tiles left, filled with beans and other garbage, I dunno why people can’t realize that if they place a stew farm so close it will litter up the kilns. the top ones ended up as berry bushes, when I got quite a few closeby wild ones, like 4-5 scattered around the sheep pen which is enough if you harvest it back to back into crocks. I got like 30 storage crocks and 20 other.
placed a stone wall from the rightmost well and 4 tiles away from kiln, that seems to stopped them from expanding toward it. I spent like 3 hours, digged out like 3 bushes but can’t really get rid of all as they always touch it before it rots.

there are 2 ways to make soil.

recipe 1:
use some cut wheat - add mushed carrot & berry from a bowl - add a bowl of water - add sheep dung with a shovel. wait a bit and you have around 7 baskets of soil.

recipe 2:
make a krautboard, crock, bucket and a wooden box - use the krautboard on the crock - shred a cabbage and one corn into the crock - add 2 dirt to the wooden box - add the shredded veggies into the box - add 3 worms - add a wooden plank as a lid. once the box opens again, get 10 worms out with the bucket. you have now 4 baskets of soil in the wooden box.

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Thanks, Maengish, that is very clear, and helps a lot!

Psi, it seems you are saying that they eventually rot…how can you tell without touching them? And what do you do once they are rotten? Or do they collapse themselves?

12 soil would be nice according the space it needs to make soil in box with veggies.
but you only get 4 soil out of the box

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Here’s advice don’t lock stuff up it will make grefing worse and don’t look up food and supplies just cuz u made the town doesn’t give u the right to hide stuff

I think they are going on the same basis as wild ones, so 10 minutes. not 100% but if you don’t eat all of them by then, it goes brown and you can use a stake on it, then water bowl/pouch/watering can, and add a water on staked bush then use shovel within a second. it should be 2 man job but if you got the shovel right next to you under or on the side of you, you can tap on it, swap with the water container and dig it yourself, if you are too slow, you will waste a water and will need another water before digged.

so yeah, just fix the bushes once and leave it like that for 10 minutes.
by ‘rot’ I mean they go brown instead of staying empty green. they rot after that 1 hour from brown into dry, I think, not sure. they don’t rot from empty green into anything without action.

Ah, I see…yes, most of them have turned brown. So I use stakes on them, then add water and immediately dig out with a shovel. Perfect, I can do that! Thanks so much.

Edit…wow, you are not kidding, you have less than a half a second to dig up the watered, staked bush. Definitely a two-person job.

yeah you right, i thought its not 12. :see_no_evil: i did read it in the update note and was a bit unsure: note
would be nice tho :joy: with all that work. i guess its 4 basket of each 3 small piles of soil.

recipe 1: 7 baskets of soil
recipe 2: 4 baskets of soil

Yeah its 7baskets.idk why this number…

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oh boi im bad at counting i guess :joy::innocent: i changed it to 7 now

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Was 8-9 but Jason buffed berries from 60 to 4 minutes, then added worms to nerf, then changed for sheep dung, then nerfed to 7 after rift. Yah split that time so it stuck as 7.

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