Can not Respawn

How to respawn? Months ago i used to place a peace lily and die when i am 60 and burry my old bones and it used to work as a charm!!

But now it only works if someone else buries my bones.
How to deal with that?

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for the respawn you need to set a peace lily petal once on a home marker. not once per life, just once for eternity.

then the following rules apply: live at least 10 years (10 real time minutes). your bones need to be burried. the tomb stone is the trigger for your respawn.

start your new life, you get a respawn.

now new rule, if you play truly alone on a server. nobody can bury your bones. so the “live to 60 and die of old age” applies.

and another rule: if you get a respawn triggered, but you change your peace lily petal marker inbetween, your respawn is cancelled.

This method also requires that when you start your next life, there is no female of childbearing age available to be your Mom. If there IS one, you will be born to her as normal, and will not respawn near your peace lily. So this works best on a solo play server or a public one that is empty most of the time.

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