Can we add fancier clothes

I have seen OHOL new clothes and thought we could get some fancier clothes like a top hat, also maybe emotes or emotions

@Christoffer can tell us if we’re able to get the fancy clothes or the emotions.

I always wondered where dd is based on(place of work ). Have any idea?


I wonder if now is the holiday season there due to lack of response from the developers. While , I guess we must just wait . I feel a bit sad due to the lack of updates. While discussing with others , I found that a lot of us blame ourselves for the lack of updates due to some reason. I guess the period between each update will be much longer. It gets a bit boring and lonely as player decreases.

Yes, we have been on Easter holiday for four days, but now we are back.

Regarding clothes, we’ll see what the future holds, but right now we are focusing on more food variants and are also working on a new character set. The new backgrounds took quite some time to get to the level of quality we wanted them to be, but that’s done now.

There’s so many ideas and things to do, but luckily we will soon see our little team expand, so we can set an even higher pace of development.