Can we create a use for roses

They’re real pretty and it sucks that u can’t do anything with them

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No. They are not, the design yes but not when theyre laying around in your town in dozens without despawning

@riking no need to disagree with @Vadalia. there can be more purposes for roses. For now it’s fishing hooks. But you could also plant them in pots or pick them for flower bouquet.


I wish roses could be decorated on clothes, like broach, or added on walls to make them look more pretty🥀


If we talk about roses, I wish;

  1. the graphics of the flowers are little larger so that they look better and we can easily tell the color
  2. Flowers cannot be easily removed. The flower comes out just by 1 wrong tap
  3. We can tell the color before we plant.

In fact, due to #1 & #2, I use pumpkins for road side decoration. XD


In this app? Really? Is that an update coming soon bc all I can do is pick them

the fishing hooks are in game. the other things were just examples what could be. what would you like to do with roses?

I really like your examples like the flower pots or pretty flower crowns? Because they already have different colors, you could just get like white red pink blue and peice of thread with needle and tada

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