Can we have a radio event?

Ever since the radio came out , other than the first two weeks , there is no chance to make a radio transmitters at all . I would want a challenging event once in a while as learning can be fun sometimes. Since there is no update in a while , it is getting boring and the number of players is reducing . I have now mastered how to make an engine and have been making engine for a while . I think a higher technology is needed. Still, can we have an event to make radio ? Please… @Christoffer

make it in sixty minutes?

No , an event where the whole village contribute to making one or more . It is impossible to make it in 60 minutes.

Maybe a solo server for learning to make radios and more advanced stuff?

Ya , but I don’t think it is possible to do it in 60 min.

Duo server then?

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Hmm… maybe more . Since there are still many players who can’t make the basic multipurpose newcome engine, I doubt they will have the skills to make radio. We also need papers and so on . I think we should have our own Wikipedia (self made) like the one in one hour one life (also fan made) and a link in the game to go there . That way , it makes learning easier as … … yup there are a lot of part to remember too about the diesel engine .

I will consider it, but I think it may be too hard difficulty level for most players.

That’s the entire point of the server.

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