Can you respawn in the same generation you were?

So… Can you?

yes its possible if you die early. most time you are in every second generation when you get old.

It’s possible.

I die around 17 and born at the same village. But not happened when i die around 30 above. It also rarely happens more than twice

your mom is fertile between 15 to 40 years old. this are like 25min of gameplay. so if you die at 17 she is maybe 32 years old and you can spawn back to her. but if you die with 30 she is maybe 45 and not fertile anymore.

if you die young. look in your family tree how old your mom is. if she is around 38 years old it will be 2min left to spawn back to her.

Isn’t it 14 to 40 years old?

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I think it takes a full hour before you can respawn to the same family unless you were the eve then you get one free respawn to a fertile girl who isnt on a bby cool down. At least thats how i remember it being i might have just had a misunderstanding when i was active or it changed since then.

Nop…you can reborn of any fertile woman from your previous familly, as long as there are fertile woman there

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i once born with the same mum within one minute. I starved in baby named baby2 and I reborn with the same mum and starved again, named baby3…

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Thank you so much

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thats right its 14 to 40 years old. :+1:t3:

Of course you can , i was born to a girl once kept holding me for no reason while standing just there behind a berry bush. I was her child for like 5 times in a span of 20 minutes.

I mostly do that. I run away from my family and mostly it works. Wel, only if someone in you family is older than 15 and youngher than 40. And a lot of times when i want to respawn in my family, i respawn in the family where i just went.