Can't have a child

I was born as a women from an eve named Snow. She run like a horse to find a good place for us. She’s been so caring, never let me go off of her hands. I keep reminding her to eat, but she worried she won’t be able to carry me anymore.

Finally we found a nice place, with few ponds, tons of soils, milkweed, and berries and nearby iron farm and bunnies hole.

Strange things happened, I can’t have a child. It was our little paradise. We almost prepared for everything. Her last words was “not fair”. You did a great job, ma. Love you.


Lack of players :c happens…

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When you looking for the perfect biome and a kid appears. ’ sharp stone or kid. Sharp stone or kid shyt hard decision’ picks kid and dies because i couldnt harvest any carrots from the bunny biome due to no stone…


Personally I always choose the kid in that situation. I can always find a new stone when I reach a better spot. If I don’t make it, then we at least starve together. If I haven’t founded my home base yet, then I loose nothing by getting reborn.


Good point

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I’ll usually start off with sharp stone, then basket, fill with stone and food (which I almost never need) and steadily replace with ropes I make during my running to find a new home and eventually I end up with 3 ropes.

So yeah - a stone isn’t necessary, and hang onto the kid. If you get to a place having one make fire and one making the bowel/waterpouch will get the farm running so much quicker. The only dilemma is baby vs 3 ropes in a basket!!!

I almost never die of starvation as an eve as long as I keep running. Find a “green temp” tile to start running and you will get at least 3 times as far.

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