Can't make Tilled Row

Whenever I empty a basket of soil on the ground, it just makes a pile of dirt, instead of a tilled row.

Android version 7.0

To make a tilled row, you need to use either a hoe or a skewer on the pile of dirt.

There’s an in-game hint system which shows how to use and create items. It’s pretty neat (better than in the PC game, if I say so myself :wink: ). Here’s a post on how it works:

Hello! I have trouble making a soil row. I tried it today and yesterday. Filling up the Basket with soil and then touching ground. It only deposits the soil but not making a row…

Tap the Book of Hints icon on the lower left. Then tap the Pile of Soil and it you will see the hints on what you can do with the pile.

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Ah. It looks like the wiki needs to be updated then, because it doesn’t mention skewers or hoes at this point. That’s why I thought that it was a bug.

That explains it. The wiki is community driven, so there is no guarantee that it will be up to date with the weekly releases.