Carpentry rework idea

This one has good and bad ideas lol

Three logs stacked plus rope makes log panel.
Log panel can be used as a flooring or a wall.

-Wood planks-
Using the Fro only give two planks of wood at a time.

File -> Plank of wood = tool handle,
fire drill -> plank of wood -> smoldering plank of wood can be used to move fires, can also be laid across water tiles as a temporary bridge.
Making a stack of four planks makes the old boards.

Planks can be used to knock out seals and knock knives out of players hands.

Can draw a smiley face on plank and have a best friend (Johnny would be proud)

-Carpenters bench-
First new pieces
Steel disc- hammer hot steel until getting a flat disc
Saw blade- hammer -> Flat disc + chisel
Carpentry Bench- Use Adze -> two boards + wooden wheel + rope + file
Saw bench- saw blade -> Carpentry bench

(The idea is the work bench uses foot paddles to turn the blade and the rope is for pulling the log to the blade)

Carpenters bench is for furniture and other such things if they get added. ( like putting a stack of 1 plank + two straight branches on it would make a stool which could slow hunger down when sitting on it so you don’t starve as quickly while afk)
Saw bench turns log into two sets of boards.
Use straight branches to make 4 tool handles.
Leaves wood shavings on the bench after every use
(Useful for paper makers who don’t like destroying all the straight branches)
using things like branches and such by diagonally swiping on the bench would treat it like a knife or flint chip.
Taping the work bench with corresponding items will place it on it to be processed with a wooden mallet.

Saw bench has tool uses when it breaks you have to add a new saw blade.

-Pros and cons-

New wall and floor type
Carpentry bench and saw bench would be easier for new players to use (not make) and learn about boards
Increased yields for those precious logs that we never seem to have enough of.

Initial board making becomes slightly more complicated.
4 logs have to be turned to planks to make first carpentry bench.
Cooks and butchers gona have bruised hands


And log panel + log panel + rope can be used as a raft in the future after Lake and river are introduced. I can’t wait to fish on the raft :smiley: