Carrot banishments seem to be going to far

Just had a short life where i had to leave the game really early do to irl. But before i left i heard somebody get banished 3 times and when i came and asked why they were banished they told me they don’t t know. After i came back to the game i decided to investigate and came to the conclusion the player is really new to the mobile game. They can barely control what they are doing and had only been planting carrots and feeding babies.

In no means were they doing anything worthy of a banishment yet they had gotten three within the shortspan it took me to awnswer a 1 min phone call. Now they are going to have to spend three hours playing the game with everyone assuming they are a griefer becuase they are a b3 player and will likely get stuck in a loop of being banished for trying to learn or doing just basic things they learned to do and are genuinely trying to help the towns.


oof thats sad. i hope banishment could protect noobs, so they wont get banished for learning. i mean its hard enough to learn. doing that in donkey town alone wont be fun.

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