I would love to have cats in the game. :heart:
This picture is made by myself. :blush::cat:


aww :slight_smile: yeah we should have cats!

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That’s great Idea! Would work like with the wolfes. Maybe cats could catch mosquitos. :blush:


Maybe cats could sleep alot and play around with wool? :blush:

Now it got me and I drew something again. :joy:

I love cats!


I love this idea! The jungle is way too save anyway. It’s a great source for easy food and it would make things a little bit more difficult with a predator in it.

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This year, “Sunaneko” (Felis margarita) was born in the Japanese zoo. She is loved by everyone.

“Snaneko” (Felis margarita) is a small, wild cat that lives in the desert.
I would be very happy if we had some of them in the desert here in YAH!


Very good idea. I like it

I like this idea! Maybe cats can help us to collect wool
We also can feed cat with fish!

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Maybe cats should be able to fetch for rats and bring them back to you. :stuck_out_tongue:

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