Cattle grid

A little suggestion from me:

Cattle grid :partying_face:

We all know it’s more comfortable to leave bushes in corners and block them, so we can enter and leave a pen without using a door. For that need I thought of a solution, that is more realistic and also used in real life. A cattle grid where everyone can walk on (also with a cart) except for animals. I made a little example as you can see below. I thought it could be just like the kit for fences, but if you add two more shafts it will be a cattle grid kit (I wouldn’t make it much more difficult, cause otherwise ppl just keep on with the current solution). Usable on north-south Wall stakes and on east-west wall stakes. And when you place two next to each other, they combine so you don’t have an extra fence in the middle. I think the design could be a bit better, but it should be enough to get an idea of what I mean. I hope I am not the only one who would like something like that :sweat_smile:


uuh nice idea :slight_smile: i like that!

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I love this idea I hope @Christoffer sees this and thinks its a good I idea. I just finished make my first pen with like 5-7 sheep they keep making babies and I feel so bad when they die when I don’t feed them. And its so hard opening and closing the gate and sometimes the baby sheep go out with the adults and I have to wait until they go back in also SOS! is there any way to stop them for having so many babies?


@DarkAngel7073 when you shear the sheep they won’t get babies. Just keep them all naked until you need resources (wool, poo or mutton) from them again. I also feel very pity for all the dead lambs everytime :dizzy_face:.
Let’s hope @Christoffer also thinks the cattle grid is a nice addition to the game :grin:


i usually build a floodgate (or what ever you call them) with fences. but that takes 9 tiles and some players don’t understand it.

so the cattle grid is a nice idea which only uses one tile. i like that so much!

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:joy: nop there is no escape from the cattle grid

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Hope will be more like this :joy:


@Katjes What a good idea :grin::+1: @DarkAngel7073 you can also fill out your pen, so the sheeps can’t move, then they won’t make babies, when if they have their coat on :wink:


Now that we got so much extra shafts everywhere this little invention would come in even more handy :relieved:

… just promoting my idea a bit :speak_no_evil:


bump because it is a good idea :heart:


I love this idea. I have one where i live and it really helps when cattle break through bobwire fence and try to escape through the driveway lol.

So for those who aren’t aware the way cattle guards work is it plays off of the animals fear of getting its legs stuck.

Its a series of small gaps between beams and when the cattle sees this they know their hoofs will slip through and possibly harm their legs so they typically dont even attempt to go through.


I don’t know if people know this but animals can’t walk over stakes placed, which is useful bc we can walk over them. only dogs and puppies can, so technically you could make a pen out of that but I just use it for extra places the animals try to escape out of

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