Cattle grid

A little suggestion from me:

Cattle grid :partying_face:

We all know it’s more comfortable to leave bushes in corners and block them, so we can enter and leave a pen without using a door. For that need I thought of a solution, that is more realistic and also used in real life. A cattle grid where everyone can walk on (also with a cart) except for animals. I made a little example as you can see below. I thought it could be just like the kit for fences, but if you add two more shafts it will be a cattle grid kit (I wouldn’t make it much more difficult, cause otherwise ppl just keep on with the current solution). Usable on north-south Wall stakes and on east-west wall stakes. And when you place two next to each other, they combine so you don’t have an extra fence in the middle. I think the design could be a bit better, but it should be enough to get an idea of what I mean. I hope I am not the only one who would like something like that :sweat_smile:


uuh nice idea :slight_smile: i like that!

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I love this idea I hope @Christoffer sees this and thinks its a good I idea. I just finished make my first pen with like 5-7 sheep they keep making babies and I feel so bad when they die when I don’t feed them. And its so hard opening and closing the gate and sometimes the baby sheep go out with the adults and I have to wait until they go back in also SOS! is there any way to stop them for having so many babies?


@DarkAngel7073 when you shear the sheep they won’t get babies. Just keep them all naked until you need resources (wool, poo or mutton) from them again. I also feel very pity for all the dead lambs everytime :dizzy_face:.
Let’s hope @Christoffer also thinks the cattle grid is a nice addition to the game :grin:


i usually build a floodgate (or what ever you call them) with fences. but that takes 9 tiles and some players don’t understand it.

so the cattle grid is a nice idea which only uses one tile. i like that so much!

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:joy: nop there is no escape from the cattle grid

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Hope will be more like this :joy:


@Katjes What a good idea :grin::+1: @DarkAngel7073 you can also fill out your pen, so the sheeps can’t move, then they won’t make babies, when if they have their coat on :wink:


Now that we got so much extra shafts everywhere this little invention would come in even more handy :relieved:

… just promoting my idea a bit :speak_no_evil: