Cave mining

We can turn bear caves into mines but does anyone actually know how to mine from them? I built one but have no clue how to get iron from it.


click on the mine you build, check in the recipe book, it will show all the steps for you to get iron from the mine. (I follow the recipe book and learn from it) You need a :bomb: to start with, also you need the torch to light the :bomb:, use rail cart and rail track, and use basket after everything set. (don’t know if it is 100% correct but you can check with the recipe book on the bottom left )


Ah I see, I think I was just very unlucky the first time. It collapsed and just assumed that’s what always happened when you use a bomb.

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oh you got unlucky then. the collapsing is random. i hit my mine with many bombs so far. the mine should be good again after a maximum of 14 days.


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