Lately there was a update letting ancient walls decay.
It gives a nice ancient touch,
but you also have to break down and build up the walls every time.
This is a problem for eve towns, which walls will come down,
letting griefers in who will destroy the nice towns.
Not only towns, also houses containing gold and iron.
Its pretty easy to steal now, so i came up with a solution with realistic recipe: cement!

How to make & use cement
The recipe for cement is a pretty easy recipe,
but one bowl of cement is only good for 5 walls,
and sand can be pretty far. So, here how to make it:

  • First, make a bowl of quicklime. Then put sand in the bowl of quicklime.
  • Now, make a trowel to mix the cement.
    A trowel is made by combining a chisel and a short shaft.
  • Use the trowel to mix the cement. Now you got a bowl of cement!

To use the cement, grab your trowel and put some cement on it.
Then, put the cement on a wall, which is not decayed or ancient.
Nice! The cement will stay for 2 weeks.
After the 2 weeks, the cement will break of.
Use a chisel to remove the cement or wait untill it disapears.
After the cement broke of, the normal rules would count for wall decay.
After this, you can use your cement again.
One bowl of cement is good for 5 walls.

I hope i came with a nice idea for the wall decay.
It would be nice seeing this in game.


I like your Idea very much, but maybe it would be good If we could fix walls with just a hammer? There are towns with alot of walls around, it would be hard for that players to fix everything. :slight_smile:

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Yes, i like the idea of fixing to, but this idea increases the wall durability, and i think that would be better than having to fix every time.

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True, but why Not both? Fix Wall with hammer, use cement so that it stays 2 weeks. Maybe we could add color to cement to make it look more nicely?


Hmmm, nice idea to. I would like to see colored walls, that sounds good, and also the ability to also be able to fix.

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