Sometimes its hard to get across what you want to build. So it would be nice you could trace it with chalk so other people know what you are working on :slight_smile:


Like a primitive version of blueprints and planning? I like it! How long would the chalk drawings last?

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you should be able to change it as often as you like. If you make a mistake in planning just change the drawing.

after you build something it should also disappear.


also it would be sweet when kids could draw some stuff on the pavement.


Yes, that sounds like a nice idea! I wonder how different chalk marks need too be made, though. We have a lot of things in game, and for each drawing needs too be a different recipe.


maybe you could switch through them. like with the stakes you hit several times to get what you need.

or maybe it could be like the crafting book on the left side. then you could choose which one you want to draw.


I think the chalk marks should disappear after a few hours so that the whole towns not randomly covered in chalk lol.

For the kids chalk maybe it cycles through the different pictures. And to make them semi permanent use a charcoal pencil on it. To remove them maybe we can use rabbit fur or a bowl of water.


That’s wonderful ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love ur suggestion!!!

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This is really two different suggestions: 1. chalk; 2. crayons
Let’s talk about Chalk first.

If we implemented Chalk as a way for players to plan their town, and to communicate that to the other players, then the number of chalk drawings would have to be limited, so you can cycle between them. You would not have three different drawings for Adobe Wall, Pine Wall, and Stone Wall, just one for “Wall”. Also, you wouldn’t have vertical/horizontal/corner wall - just “Wall”.

The transitions would be something like:
Chalk + empty ground -> Chalk + Wall Drawing
Chalk + Wall Drawing -> Chalk + Road Drawing

Water + Drawing -> Empty Ground

Does this make sense to you? Would it be useful to you?

Please help suggest what drawing types would be needed:

  1. Wall
  2. Road
  3. Fence
  4. Farmed Land
  5. Storage
  6. Other building (Oven, Forge, Newcomen, …)
  7. …?

Thanks for your input!


i think the list is pretty good. i agree with you: floor, boxes, wall, fence, plants

with stakes you have also 5 options and then it repeats.
stakes you can hit with a mallet to get more options, but i think about 5-7 options are enough.

also the other stuff could be done by an other chalk color than white.


i was thinking about the recipe to get chalk. but im not quite sure how it is actually made. wikipedia says someting about «limestone» but also about «calcium carbonate». so luckly limestone is in game.

maybe get a limestone and use a flint chip on it to get a piece of chalk?

what do you think?

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If all you need is white chalk, I think the method of shaving limestone is fine.
If you want a color other than white, we recommend another method.
Bake limestone → add water (→Add color )→ pour into mold
Mold is wood block + knife?


uh thats a good idea =) thanks @mia.a

Maybe we could get calcium carbonate from pearls, shells, snails, and eggs?

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