I didn’t know what category to put this in, some I’m just going to put it in general for now.
Anyway, I was wondering if you all could provide some challenges for me to do! I get bored of games easily, I want to have them just for whenever I start getting bored of this game.

which server are you playing on?

I’ve been mostly playing on my solo server.

So a challange could be making a watering can, because it involves new common machines.
Then you could also build a well with a disel generator.
What i like to do is building a stable for at least 8 horses.
Making a station for all the different foods is also something. So you can get the yum-chain going.

hmm what else?


Make a food court or food street where you put every single food/meal you can eat in the Game on display- when done: post a screenshot here :smile:


I was thinking about that, maybe making stores for each food category? Like a bakery for baked goods? Though I don’t know much about walls, don’t they decay after a while or no?

Ooh, yes! I really want to make stables and a barn for my animals!

the clay walls will stay, if you paint them. paint options are white, blue, red and yellow.

the stone walls begin to crumble after a while. you can repair them with a hammer to keep them.

the pine needle walls with wooden frame idk about. i guess they stay no matter what. but you will need a ridiculous amount of milkweed.

all of the walls you can destroy if you want them somewhere else. altho stone walls have a timer on them and you can only destroy them when they crumbled to the ground.

Great, thanks! I’ve gotten started on making a barn for my animals using the clay walls, it’s just a matter of getting more limestone and cinnabar. :yawning_face:

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Try building a fancy house with a beautiful yard. :grinning:

I really want to do that to, I’m actually working on some wood flooring for a possible house. I took a break from it though to get some more iron and work on my farm.