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So in YAH there is one change i dont like. Not so long ago milkweed is changed to give thread instead of a milkweed stalk. And i think this game makes it a bit to easy. I would like to change this back. And what do whe do with old milkweed stalks? They dont despawn, cant be thrown away. So what do you guys think? Change it back yes or no?

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Personally , I think there is a pro and cons for the milkweed thing .
Lets start from cons.

  1. Game too easy. Usually, we have to spend a lot of time to find milkweed. Then , we need 2 for thread , 4 for rope and a looping 8 for horse . It was hard but now it is luckier as it is easier to collect and no need to plant .
  2. Less thing to do .To plant milkweed, we need a lot of water and soil and space and the hoe which means something to do (like majoring in the expertise).
  3. Looks weird. Cause suddenly when can milkweed becomes thread .


  1. Save space . Save soil. Save water . Save time . Save hoe .
  2. Since 2 milkweed = thread and so on , it makes sense to think in reality we are just picking 2 milkweed and making them into tread . It is easier to pick as in basket, there is only three space and if the last one is a thread and you found a milkweed , you can’t collect it .
  3. More Time to do other thing . For people that don’t like spending their whole life planting milkweed for the village just for it to be gone in a min cause everything needs rope .

I agree about it being too easy and planting milkweed is once a job . But , about efficiency, then the milkweed = thread is better. No more 8 milkweed for horse and fighting for the last rope and string . I like the easier life so I choose no . I think more content and update will come soon and maybe milkweed will be a small little part in the future game .

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The learning curve is really hard for beginners and for advanced players would burn through resources to make simple objects. I think all around it is much better to streamline this aspect of the game and let players continue working and advancing by taking one of the most tedious aspects out from the game. The string update is really awesome.


The direction of the game is clear, make eve camp more easier and advanced village hv many things to do. Game is not being easier, if you got an advanced town, making bricks need a lot of steps, and coloring it need many steps too. If you got an advance town, you would like to make more decorations in your town, like making more boxes and Christmas tree, before update, Christmas tree is a nightmare because u need soooo many milkweed! So I love the new update, it let you hv more time to do some other things.


Wel, guess im the only one. At least remove milkweed stalks or give it a reset timer of 1 second.

I guess we need to throw it far away from the village. But technically, we only have to deal with one stalks left since the other can be combined (or not?).