Changing the server Europe-2

Hi @Christoffer please could you consider to change the server Europe-2 to the list for the advanced players? (10 Hours playtime)

Also I have one question. Even though I am in Germany I can only see Europe-2. Are there more Europe servers?
If I want to play with more advanced players I always have to go to a server outside of Europe (with is actually fine but it means a lot of lag…)
Thanks : )


once there were eu-1 and eu-2. both servers were magical. but eu-1 got shut down. and we europeans only have left eu-2.

i guess because its only one server for europe it can’t have a restriction on it. but i thought the same :wink: just put it in advanced.


Agree! not a lot of people play at eupean server anyway, so at least it would be nice to have it at advanced, so we could meet and play with other experienced European players there :thinking:

Also I wonder, how could we get more European player? Right now it seems this game is more popular in Asia 🤷


Maybe revive eu-1 as an advanced server for European players?


there are way to less players for having 2 servers.

That is true, but new European players wouldn’t be able to play on their native server anymore.

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Also true. two servers would be best… One for beginners and one for advanced. Hope it can be done. Maybe more players will show up when there are two servers.

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