Characters Poll

I thought i pick up the topic of @Arfgn and make a quick poll of the characters in game.

  • I’m happy with the current characters
  • I want more characters
  • I want to customize current characters
  • I want to customize my own characters
  • I want my face on a playable character
  • Other

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I selected “other” because I would love to see a variety of skins, like supernatural creatures, for example. :sweat_smile:


I selected “other” for the same reason as @WumboJumbo. :slight_smile:

I think it would be neat to have eve start off looking like a cave man and the longer the family lives, the more “pretty” they look so that there is a visual cue to the generational health of a family.

Would be neat to be able to pass down your characteristics to your children.

This would probably be a pita to program and create assets for though.

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