I’ve yet to make clothing because I’m so focused on trying to make farms but I’ve noticed something. If a full set of clothing can bring to close to a desert tiles (perfect) warmth then I will eat about 3x less food. This may not mean alot at first but it matters over the years. I’ve calculated it with carrots and a population of 6 people, if everyone is clothed they eat about 80 carrots in 40 years meanwhile if everyone is not clothed they eat 240 carrots in 40 years. What a huge difference.

Update: Just made a full set of rabbit boots shirt hat and pants? Its around x2 not x3 so 120 carrots in 40 years but saving that extra 120 must be well worth it. Thats at least an extra 8 trips of dirt baskets saved, 24 waterings saved, 24 seeds saved and 24 tillings.


It’s a big deal.

Being near rabbits both for clothes and pies is very valuable. Starting a sheep pen asap is great for balls of thread (and fur clothes are better then wool anyways)

Also getting a seal coat is awesome and really the OP clothing for the game. Snake skin boots are the best boots by a few % as well but risky to make. Oh and a wolf skin hat. Add those with a fur loin cloth then you will get close to that 4x food saving


I’ve had a few days to try out hunting rabbits and starting up civilizations, surprisingly it’s a fairly dangerous job. My lifes been snuffed out short multiple times by boars wolves and snakes. I can get to the point where I either get a chance to start an adobe oven+farm or get a full set of clothing (rabbit+seal shirt) and backpack before I die of old age. 3 snares becomes hard to keep track of so 2 is what I usually stick with. I’ve become an effective rabbit family mangling machine though, eating the carrots of their ancestors in the process lol.