Cloudberry Bushes

Ripe cloudberries

  • Cloudberry bushes would grow in grass biomes
  • A cloudberry would give you as many food points as a gooseberry
  • Cloudberries can be put in clay bowls
  • Cloudberries can also be eaten in clay bowls
  • Gooseberries and cloudberries can be put in a single clay bowl and can be crushed with a sharp stone to make a bowl of berry mix
  • A bowl of berry mix can be put on a pie crust to make a raw drupelet pie
  • Just like the other pies that are currently in the game, raw drupelet pies can be baked in an oven to make cooked drupelet pies
  • You can use a flint chip to turn a cloudberry into a cloudberry seed
  • Cloudberries come in clusters
  • Cloudberry seeds can be planted and will eventually grow into cloudberry bushes

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