"Coders war"

So, I know many people are upset regarding english server events this week. And to everyone who has been affected I’m sorry. We did however learn alot from this experience and want to move forward.
After a few lives of killing “randoms” to avoid griefing and just plain awful players, we needed to come up with a different solution because it sucked for a lot if people. However a particular person was so upset that they would use the eve spawning glitch system to spawn in our cities and destroy and/or kill.

With the upcoming update we will be taking a different approach with our cities.

We will make a second “eve” village Xdistance away from our main location. This 2nd village will be bell tower location.

Bring new/unknown babies to edge of the our village and send them to it. Informing them that if they are seen pass Xlocation they will be killed. These babies will be male to control population and information.

Known players but non “coders” can be kept in main village depending on the needs of the city, such as projects/jobs or female spawns. But will be marked (such as Xname tbd).

Agree with this or not, it is what we are going to be doing with our cities and is a far better choice for everyone (including us) then killing all the babies… so many dead babies…

Sorry about that. But we will be better now.





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Hello, I have seen alot of posts of the “Coders”

And I was wondering if this is a group excluding anyone who isnt invited or is there a way I can join ^-^I would live to join a group or have some friends that play the game

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As of this moment we are not allowing new members. This will probably change before long but we have some things to do first before new members will be allowed in.

It was open to anyone but due to drama that has been stopped temporarily.

It is ironic how we were being greifed and then turned into the greifers. Now we are the bad guys cuz one or two people ruined it for the others that would have helped us.

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Well you do kill people for no other reason then you guys being scared of one person.

As well you ruin it for the small amount of people on there because if they arent with you they die and you take over villages. You act like your gods of the game and even this post shows you wont respect anyone who isnt in your group. And yet you dont allow people into your group defeating the purpose of a group to help further the game.
As well who are you decide what city or village we live in ?
Your labeling yourselves as the leaders and casting everyone who is “random” out where and when you say. That isnt fair and that is not ok.

you say like it or not ? So dispute others your going to continue to rule over the english servers and push people around because you can ?

That’s worse then one dude griefing :heart:

I hope you stop this and learn to play the game peacefully with everyone. That’s what I hope to do.

You are the definition of trolls.

But what else is new

But I dont declare war, I dont approve of how you guys act but you are people and I respect you have your own views. Peace.
Have fun.


Zappers is right if you guys bin me again i will grief 2. Its not your right to do that its not even how the game is made.


Alright so im going to give you both a scenario.

Lets say your birthed into a village with full gooseberry bushes, a bakery, a smithery and a newcomen well tower. All clay objects you need are already there.

What is the first thing you would do?

Anything anyone says would not justify the way you people are acting in the game. Taking over,griefing as you please, and dictating what others will do in your presence.
:heart:why not enjoy the game freely and except everyone, new or old, teach and help them grow rather then denying them the chance to learn ?

Have a good day


It’s a very important question you see, there’s only so many people willing to learn and not everyone wants to spend months teaching them how to play in game when they can read about it much easier and learn quicker that way. Besides that there’s also beginners servers dedicated to this. Food runs out a lot less quickly there.

The in game chat is also limited in so that you can only communicate whats happening and what your planning to do.

And besides that there’s plenty of greifers who pretend to not know what they’re doing then murder everyone they see since the curse system is not strong enough to outright get rid of any of them nor see if there are flaws with the cursing system.

So if you can’t anwser this question, thennnn you should probably be playing in a beginners server.

Who are you to decide what people should and shouldn’t do when playing the game fairly. Creating a group to communicate is different from what you are doing. Some people dont want to teach ? That still doesnt justify deciding since you dont want to teach you will grief everyone else and dictate what everyone else does.

No I’m not new to the game, but you would still grief me if I spawned correct? Or send me to a village as you see fit ?

That isnt your right to do. Your abusing your abilities and ruining peoples time. But I dont expect someone who disregards others for their own gain as someone who would understand that.
I dont like trying to reason with rude people so I’m leaving now :heart:
goodluck griefing


I’m personally thinking of stopping the code.

When I stop to consider the fact when we didn’t have the code for 3 days in bell town on Eu2 I was always the first to spawn back there and can you guess the sights to behold when we let randoms in? All of the berry bushes were empty, nearly all of the wheat and carrots I kept growing was gone. All of the sheep had been killed. All of the compost I made near the farm was gone. 1/2 of the iron tools were hidden or thrown about. Just a mass disarray with nothing done. And guess who had to fix it?

If you can anwser the question though then I’ll bring it up to the group.

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If you don’t like it. Bummer, leave the city when we send you away and make your own. You’ll always be able to back to your personal city if you know where it is in relation to ours. It’s better then killing you which we’ve proved we can do.

We have also proved we can build a bell tower with discord cooperation and a sustainable city. Once we have built our stronghold things may change.

Don’t like it? Then after being born to us, suicide and switch servers, or try to spawn to some1 else.

This started because of multiple griefers and noobs destroying cities that more then a dozen people work on for multiple days. You have all been frustrated by this exact thing. Someone being born and then destroying everything you worked hard for being they are a noob or a griefer. Once or twice. Fine we can repair it. Over and over and over again, we decided to take action and create a system of organization and law that can actually work.

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Its not ur right and i will help grieve when i see you guys kill baby’s and use codes


If you want to play the game like that go get a pc and a server.


Generally speaking all this seems unnecessary. New players will not always ruin a city due to lack of experience, not unless the settlement is very vulnerable and everyone is new which is fairly unlikely in an established town. More often then not new players are actually quite helpful. They may not be able to learn how to build a Newcomen Pump or bake Bean Buritos in only one lifetime but they can still act as kind nurses, useful farmers and generally add to your community. In this way they can learn there crafts better. Without these players you’re left with a small, very experienced elite with many enemies that relies on a bell tower to survive because of their lack of population. As a result all your best engineers will spend their lives cleaning out the sheep pen and raiding parties will hit you every few generations or so, particularly if you’re letting all your “random” players live nearby in an easy to access settlement that’s one easy step away from a full blown bandit camp.
Therefore, from a strategic point of view, it is better for you to simply not feed any griefers you have rather than outcast everyone you don’t know. Teach kids the basics of a single simple craft if you must. I’ve done that before, having taught my inexperienced but sweet daughter how to be the village nurse. She went on to lead a productive life without which the village would have been far weaker, and it only took me a few years to teach her about the basics such as clothing/naming/feeding kids, spreading publicity about the new nursery, moving kids from hot to cold, giving them handy information about the town, and that sort of thing.
To tell if a kid is a griefer or not, unless they make it obvious themselves or they have been cursed, it’s usually a good idea to employ a good nurse and create an established nursery. A nurse like the daughter I told you about before should be able to spot a griefer in their infancy and kill them before they get too far by exiling them into the wilderness, locking em up or just killing them. That way your town will be more inclusive, successful and less reliant on bell towers which draws attention to you.
Although, that being said, if you really insist on continuing to use coding then letting non coders live is a nice thing to do. I would wait until they were able to take care of themselves and then send them out into the wilderness, unless they were clearly a griefer. Send them in a certain direction however like (straight north until you reach a good biome). That way you can better communicate with them. Later on these players will eventually form neighbouring towns who you will be able to trade with and maybe receive help from if everything goes wrong. I would also advise getting good with weaponry though, because a settlement that can help you can also attack you.


I have heard about your law and from my knowledge you dont have it or order. You decide to control others and take over the game that we all paid for to have fun.

I bet that your either 13 and if your not then the way you are acting is selfish as well as sick. How about playing the game fairly and respectfully instead of becoming dictators from hell


Codes are annoying for others as well as posing some disadvantages to those using them, although as long as non code knowers are able to make it on their own and potentially join a spreading group of settlements then I suppose it could be worse. It might even create a rather interesting area to live in. I would want to be born in a place like that anyhow, with lots of places to explore including a few dangerous ones. I think I wrote a topic once about Ohol warfare for a situation not dissimilar to this actually. Building forts, stockpiles and making your towns near snow drifts is advisable anyways so you can easily defend yourselves.


I was simply telling you what our plan is as a courtesy. There will be no code to access the city. Simply, if you are not part of our group and did not help build the city you will be asked to leave and killed if you don’t.

We do have plans on allowing more people into the city/discord once we have met certain checks. This is a game. There is no “wrong” or “right” way to play it.

After we get a bell tower up again you will also be able to bring your eves to your town and respawn there.

I will be drawing and posting a map eventually so I hope many cities are built around us.

And @Greenwood we will be starting a 2nd eve village several years away to send outsiders too (bring them to the edge of our city and say it’s that way). This will also be an outpost for the bell tower. new players can be useful, and many experienced players like teaching, and we should teach them. This has all been considered. And maybe none of this will work but we are going to try to create a thriving community.

If we have to kill everyone until our city is established with walls we can, but we don’t want to ruin the game or make people hate us.