(Edit: ignore all of this, make pies.)

I’ve been thinking about it and maybe the best thing for 1st gens to do is not to set up one camp as much as they can but to make multiple eve camps and strengthen connections between them, like branches to follow.

The idea I have is to try to set up a hatchet+bowfire drill+snare at ideal locations with as many berry bushes as possible so that if one camp dies off and another is out of food, the survivors can migrate to the empty camp so generations don’t die off.

It’s been pretty frustrating so far to set up one single amazing camp with plenty of berry bushes and then it all dies off because of over population or all females die somehow then all that technology and progress is lost.

Maybe instead of just the 1st gen being the only ones doing this it’d be like called a “colonizer” or something.

A camp for making clothing and hunting rabbits, another for farming+sheep for dirt, then finally one for smithing and wood related stuff. Really just revolving what’s most abundent near them.

sounds cool if you had the time to do it, but usually babies spawn so fast that food runs out extremely quickly especially if you can’t find a giant green biome… so it’s better to get basic farm secured first imo

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Now that I’ve learned of the power of the pies yeah securing a farm + bakery at first is essential. I had no idea how to make pies at first but its actually pretty easy. The food crisis is over with the power of pie.