Common Ground

If I had rules for a village for for a set of villages. It would be these.

°Make Dont Take
°If you break it, you remake it
°Before you interfere, ask
● Justice
°Dont Grief for less than justice or protection


That’s basically all I could think of currently ^-^ I dont think everyone should or will follow these. I like the basis of
Rules to keep everyone polite and happy
Rules to keep everyone safe
And rules to keep everyone to have a right to their own choices

I also like the thought of owning property, off topic.


can i make a suggestion here. its sound more like rules for others then for one self. i would phrase it this way:

i make and dont take
if i break it, i remake it
before i interfere, i ask
i do not grief for less than justice or protection

thanks for your moral code :slight_smile:


It was only a suggestion and I prefer the way I wrote it. Its just generally how I see rules, while you read it, it’s like its speaking to you. I dont plan to implement these yet to anyone or with anyone without others finding them suitable first. Thanks for your input :heart:

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how about:
i am sustainable with the things earth gives me
you shall be sustainable with the things earth gives you

(sorry i am not a native speaker i hope i got the idea across)


how about:
I protect the integrity of others and my self.
You shall protect the integrity of others and your self.


how about:
if im the eve i don’t take risks, so i will sustain my respawns.
if you are the eve you shouldn’t take risks, so you will sustain your respawns.


That’s a bit controlling in my opinion, please create your own topic for this many posts. Eve or not I will do what will benefit me as well as others within the game. It is a game after all, for fun. I dont plan to stay in one area just to be able to eve spawn, but thanks for your input.

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Nice view. It would be cool to play in a city like village. Unfortunately it’s kind of difficult to communicate to randoms and it’s easy to lose track of them with all of the newborns.

I think that settings would work if you had like a decent size group (maybe 25-50?) on a private server. That way everyone playing already knows what the rules are.

I think it wouldn’t work if you tried on a server because let’s be honest. On a small town a tool could last even for 1 generation or 2 so you dont need 1 for each member.
It will also hard for fertile women , often im stuck on taking care of kids and have to wait till im 40 to do what i truly want such as hunting.


That’s not what I meant, it’s more like dont take a basket from someone, make the basket instead. Things like hoes break so if you break it, you should be the one to replace it. Because I have sad so many kids just run off with the only basket I had and take my sharp rock and I’m over here like …there is a stone right there why didnt you go make yourself a basket XD

I do agree, I dont think this would be possible without communication like in a discord and within a private server. Chris said private servers will be a thing though luckily, but they will have reaccuring fees. sarcastic Yayyy


Yeah i get what you mean but humans can be pretty selfish though.

For example let’s say somebody uses a tool and it breaks the first time they use it. Let’s see what he will start to think: “hey wtf i used it only once , why do i have to make this tool? That guy over there is the one that uses this the most , he should be the one crafting it!

Im not saying everyone has the same mentality as the person i made an example with. But selfishness itself can be pretty contagious. It just needs one person to make a domino effect. Example:

A= “hey i worked for this tool , it took me years just to find this iron , no way im sharing it”

B= “hey wtf he should be sharing that tool! Okay fine I’ll do the same then”

C= “well A and B are doing it , I’ll do that aswell”

D= “oh everyone does that. So i guess it’s normal to not share your own items to everyone”

And that’s why i said “1 tool each for everyone”

And this will surely happen if there was some sort of system for property claiming.

You can already see this happening in some sort of way.
Just try checking behind trees when you spawn in a medium sized town. I guarantee you , that you will eventually find some clothing , especially backpacks.

People when they find hidden stuff they automatically assume there are griefers on the town.
Im usually skeptical there are griefers unless the murdering rates sky rocketed out of nowhere.

Once i even witnessed a fight between people , guess for what? Yes , for a backpack.

I was already 54 year old. A kid approached me and told me exactly this: “Give me your backpack”.

That really surprised me , usually when im dying of old age i see “oh noo grandma , goodbye i will miss you”.

So i decided to give my clothing to a kid that was there just watching.

The kid that asked for my clothing told me to ■■■■ off lol which gave me alot of satisfaction for not giving it to him.

You know what the jelous kid did? He went to his mother and told to kill the innocent kid because he did something bad (i didn’t catch what he blamed him for since i was just on the berry farm). The mom’s first instinct was to kill that little one , as he died , the other litte prick said: “AHAHAHHAHA , THANK YOU”

That left me petrified. People are worse than animals , animals are only abiding to the rules of nature after all.

Don’t get me wrong , i also do hide my backpack sometimes , but only when i will absolutely need it too on my next life. But i will never kill for it.

Most of the times i Give them to the people i know so i know it will be on good hands.

Im also quite sad but that utopia is impossible. (Unless you only play with a few selected people that you absolutely trust)


Something similar happened to me once. I was in a small village coming up to become a town, and I suddenly saw a young woman chasing a boy with a knife. When they had calmed down a little I realised that the boy had taken her backpack. However it seemed that a murder could be avoided, so I tried to console the girl saying we could make her another. In the end fortunately the boy simply returned the bag and all was relatively peaceful after that. The girl went on to become a prosperous queen living to her twilight years. I can only hope that she managed to make that royal court I suggested…
By the way, building a nursery will allow women to do their jobs without needing to care for children. It increases productivity, infant survival rates and makes it easier to formalise basic education, clothing and anti-griefer weeding before they can grow up to cause some serious trouble.


Yes the jelous kid was me oc

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I remember that

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-_- bruh


I got what i wanned xd

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There’s a shocker


On a jap server everyone works so u don’t have to.

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Let’s not fan the flames on this topic please


It’s alright , tolerableWeeb and Ben are in the same group with us.
Nothing serious. It was just a joke.

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