Concerned about your bones?

can we change the bones somehow?

when you see bones you kinda have to bury them, so someone else wont lose their respawn. bones disappear after 20min so you have to bury them in this time frame. but maybe you bury bones from someone who buries their bones by themself so they can respawn in a loop.

the pressure of bury bones is real. sometimes you dont see bones because someone died behind trees. or you are doing something and cant bury 4 players. and when the shovels break you have a problem more than before. or you dont know which bones are from random players and which are from players with a respawn marker.

the problem emerging: right now i dont go visit other cities, because if i see bones i have to bury them. so i avoid other places because of respect of others respawn. which is kinda weird behavior emerging.

and for my own bones i go die somewhere else outside my town, so my bones wont despawn in town and i have my bones to bury in next life.

overall its a bit contra productive against playing together, because everyone is concerned about thier bones for the respawn and bones from other players despawning by accident.


how about people with respawn marker on that server have slightly different bones. like they glow or something. so you see which bones you should bury.

altho you don’t really know if this player is bury their own bones. so maybe you kill their respawns for the life after the next life by mistake.

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Maybe bones of someone with a respawn marker has vines in the bones or a peace lilly leaf on the skull. Since peace lillys are used to make the respawn marker and to make the magical peace lilly monument to prevent killing we could call their bones “lily Blessed Bones” instead of just bones.
Then if theres two different bone types for the players with rebirth markers and players without we could change up the despawn timer to make it so blessed bones stay for 3 hours or more. Maybe even make it so blessed bones cant be banished so that griefers dont randomly ban them so they lose their respawn.


i really like this idea :slight_smile:

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Hmm okay i think there are around 4 types of players behavior.

Some don’t know about respawns and don’t use it.
Some don’t care about respawns and don’t use it.
Some use burial with family so they respawn together.
Some use to bury their own bones from past life for their own respawn.

I belong to group 3 & 4. I bury my own bones and the bones from family members or people who spawn with me.

I guess the burial has the effect on the 4th group that they play different. Like avoiding bones so everyone can keep their own bones for the burial. It seems this wasn’t intended by the system.

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