Confusion about versions of OneHourOneLife

This is the original PC game by Jason Rohrer.

This is the Unofficial mobile version of the game.

If you are interested in getting the official PC version of the game and supporting the original creator you can get it on steam or on the official website.

The taptap one is the Chinese version and is also a demo.

The actuall Dual Decade mobile game is on playstores
Like google play.


That is the unofficial china version of the mobile version.

This is the original unofficial (initially approved by jason rohrer but not anymore due to the china version first release being free to play and was possibly planned to be a free trial but isn’t really just a small “trial” depending if you consider trial a length of time for which it’s avalible for download compared to the limitability of the trial. If the game gets updated then everyone who got it for free wont be able to update it and continue to play for free. Please let me know if this is correct @Christoffer ) ohol mobile version.

That’s correct.

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