Consistency Update sugestion

Yah has several older items inherited from Ohol that have some slightly annoying inconsistencies such as being able to stack and carry two raw curved branches but not two raw straight branches. Simply because two curved branches can be used for a snow man but theres no recipe involving two raw straight branches.

Theres other issues to such as stacked wrought iron being unable to be picked up with tongs. Heated wrought iron staying hot forever if placed on the ground. Some things being stackable while other things that make sense to be stored or stacked in some way are not. Carrot seeds that disapear while milkweeds never do etc.

I suggest that the developers take an update to iron out some of the current inconsistencys and imbalances known in the game for a smother gameplay experiances for players regardless of skill level and knowledge of the game mechanics.
(To clarify im not talking about the inconsistancys between YAH and OHOL but rather things such as recipe costs, food pips restored by eating foods, stacking/storing of items, slight exploits such as infintely boiling eggs, visual markings on crockpots for stored foods, and consitancy such as being able to stack 2 straight shafts and curved branches together and carry them but are unable to in their raw forms.)

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If you disagree can you explain why?
And if you agree what would be some of the things you suggest get changed?
Thank you in advance <3

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i like the egg boiling for eternity :wink: but i agree with you =) !


This is important!
Please help by listing the small things.

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Not exactly all based around consitancy but heres the random stuff i had in mind. Im sure theres plenty of more stuff im missing or forgot about especially in the recent update lol ive only got as far as gathering some of the stuff for the bee box and ladder.

Ease of life:
Stack Two straight Branches
Stack Two straight branches + Two curved branches

Ability to use sharp stone on two straight or two curved branches to make the shafts versions.

Arrows can be used as home markers (scarry to be born into a town with no skewers but you dont want to get lost finding them)

  1. Unrope bow.
  2. Dismantle arrows (sometimes a town will have dozens of arrows and bows)
  3. Dismantle knife (i once saw a village with over 20 knives. It wasnt even a town or under a dicord groups control)
  4. Dismantle saws
  5. Reforge tool heads (for the inexperianced smiths)(include reforging knife blades and saw blades)
  6. Prevent broken iron tools from despawning.

Stackables/crockpot storage:

  1. Skewers
  2. Limestone
  3. Cinabar and lapis lazulie
  4. Copper and zinc
  5. Rabbits and skinned rabbits
  6. Palm olien (last i checked it was unstorable in crockpots)
  7. Stack sharp stones
  8. Restack flint in new stacks
  9. Storing lassos in carts (not sure but it think they cant)
  10. Most seeds.
  11. Empty crockpots (since they have so much functions now)
  12. Wild carrots and onions
  13. Wood shavings (still underated because of the branch costs and how easy it is to loose storing them would make it easier to find)
  14. Pie ingredients (berrys with carrot, rabbit with carrot, rabbit carrot berry)

Crockpot identification:
Paper Labels would be good for active players that like to pick things up theyd see what it was labled with. Or pictures of whats inside is another idea. Like Crock filled with bananas would have a banana plastered on the side

(Crockpots with food such as carrots seem to largly be ignored by many players even when the town is starving out even pro players just seem to forget about them when theyre panicking and newer players are mostly oblivious to them to)

Transplant/remove cacti:
I think itd be to easy to grief if you could just remove the cacti but if they could be replanted in a box with soil like rice or planted in tiled soil it would make roads and poorly planed buildings look much nicer.

Food balance: (this is all personal opinion)
Eggs and omlets restore a lot of hunger compaired to their availability a good swamp can provide over 20 eggs roughly every 20 minutes for free. Not much campaired to functional farms but its still overpowered.

Same with cacti fruit with a fruit every five minutes from each cactus.

The effort to make tacos and the heavy use of a limited resource (limestone) which has more functionality now for paints is not worth the amount of food it restors. Maybe make it a two bite item like potatos or reduce the amount of limestone required like one limestone making three+ corn tortillas.


Heat resistant Egg - eggs can boil forever to extend the fire (usefull but i have to be objective lmao)

Fountain of blood - Geese that get their heads choped cant get off the stump if its blocked south (my favorite way to preserve the tree stumps for geese slaughter houses using fence gates i consider this more of a feature then a bug but its a problem when combined with the bug below)

Passable stumps with geese - animals and players can pass through a stump with a goose on it. (Its situational but a lot of players learning about geese will tend to use a stump in a pens fence line and get it stuck there allowing all the animals out on accident)

Weakening bushes - wild berry bushes become domesticated after being staked causing them to die eventually when the stakes are removed


I would like to see the berry bushes stay wild if you move them to a different spot due to the effort and tools you need.


We are taking care of a good portion of these now. The work is already going on.


Update: Please read this post about improvements that are coming: Quality of Life Improvements