Conspiracy theories : there use to be ocean in OHOL

Just for fun.
Okay, today i watched YouTube video talking about limestone. Limestone are formed from dead marine organism shell that fall into the seabed. The layer of the skeleton becomes thicker and thicker until it buries under the sand crush by other earth surfaces and get harden then becomes limestone million years ago.

Limestone can easily be dissolved by acid that contains in water. Rain water that drop to the earth surfaces can go further down and pick up more acid that are in the soil. If this water keep go further down it will become underground water. And if it meets underground limestone, the acid that in the water will eat the limestone and form an underground cave. Then a sinkhole collapse making an entrance to the cave. So, is there’s a cave that in the OHOL universe? Oh yeah, bear cave.

Then, where did the ocean go?

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Send me a link to the YouTube video.

They had a flood obviously.

What about this ? All we thought we have travelled several 100 kms in the game . But in fact all we have travelled is just meters . That is why we will never reach the sea , we are in the middle of a land which the sea is several hundreds, thousands , ten thousands km away. Legends says that it will take thousands or 10 thousands of generations to walk at 1 direction just to reach to sea . Only those generations with pure luck and dedication will reach it . But sadly , generations of people choose to stay at 1 place and there is no generations that ever reach 1000 or even 10 000.

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Deam, its getting really challenged to reach the ocean… lol

Good imagination…

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If whe ad oceans, it Will be pretty Nice and Will suport your theory. (But mostly for new materials and other stuff. A boat Will only take like 2 boards with 2 rope and then some paddles. It Will make reaching civilacations harder. You can also fish in your boat. Maybe an good idea? I was just thinking about it for fun, just like you.

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Or maybe using a saw on a pine tree would get a whole tree that we can then use a fire brand on to start a canoo
As an early technology boat then we could make more complex boats by using boards and liquid latex for more complex boats.


Deam!!! I don’t even know how to make a car yet and we are talking about boats trips now… I will need to go back to OHOL school againg… lol


I get that you dont know how to make a car. Thats just VERY hard.

Yea, but I will love to know how. I haven’t had the opportunity to even ride one.

There is a way to do that . I recommend going to japan- beginner as they have a big chance of advancing and having a lot of steel and also get hungry slower . Then , while using wiki , make the car . I did it . I think you can do it too.

Thank you for the advice. I gess i have to set my second language in the game to Japanese so I can see their servers. So far I cant.

I think you need to set your first Language to Japanese to access the Japanese server. You can always change back to English or other languages when you want . I did it Many times already. Anyway , if you get to big city in Japanese server , there is chance you might be able to ride a car. I saw a few in my many plays until now .

Nice, I will give it a try…

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