Constant Lagging on Private Server

Hi guys! I’ve purchased the trial solo private server for 7 days, I was really looking forward to it but it’s basically unplayable for me due to constant lagging, and it is incredibly frustrating. I’m wondering if anyone else is having this issue, or if it is just me.

Very often when I try to walk to a different area, my character will be brought back to a previous tile. I’ll end up lost since when I think I have reached a certain area, I am brought back to a previous one I have left long ago. It keeps doing this until my hunger bar is close to empty, and I can’t do anything about it since I can’t travel. Plus the map takes too long to load, and I’m stuck looking at the scribbly lines every time I am able to move.

Along with that, when I am able to move around, often I can’t interact with items. I cannot eat, drop or pick up, once again leaving the character to starve. When trying to retrieve items in a new game, it just ends the same way.

My wifi is good and I don’t have this issue when playing on public servers - only on private and it happens Every. Single. Time. I’m playing from New Zealand and my private server region is set to auto, idk if there is anything else I can change / try.


Hi, thank you for your report via email too!

First of all, please reboot your device and router if you are using Wi-Fi connection. Have you tried any of the public servers? Do you see the differences among them? We would say that setting the private server region to Asia or America should be good enough for New Zealand.

Using different internet connections (such as public free Wi-Fi) could help you to find out the cause so please try that too if it’s possible, and let us know how it goes. Thank you very much!


Hi! Thanks for your response :slight_smile:

I decided to give it a few more days and see if it would change. The problem happened non stop for the first three/four days or so, but after that it stopped for some reason lol. The lag happens on the solo private server, on public servers it has happened only once or twice.

As for wifi I have access to two- one at home that I share with two other people and another at my dorm which is shared with dozens of others. I thought maybe it would make a difference but the lag stayed the same. I don’t have access to reboot the routers so I wasn’t able to try that.

I just extended it to the 30 day solo server and the lag has started again, but not as many times as before. If it continues, I suspect maybe it has something to do with running a new server for the first few days? Hopefully it goes away soon. But anyways, thanks again for responding!

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