Contrast on Plants

Some of the old objects of the OHOL time have some hard contrast with dark black on it. I think it would be nice if your artists would do a makeover of plants, so they fit better with YAH.

here is a quick sketch of what i mean. im not an illustrator but i think it gets the point across.


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i like this raspberry bush so much more :slight_smile: its not that pitch black.

I think they should slowly redo some of the more common sprites in the game.

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I want remodeling rose bush this is very not good


I agree with you . Rose is too small to enjoy flower
I think it should be bigger like raspberry


I think the thing that would “need” remodeling first is the rabbit hole. Since they changed how dead rabbits look, the living rabbits look nothing like them. It’s not really a problem, but I’m slightly triggered every time I go rabbit hunting.


hahaha. i feel the same. the new art style has more of a finesse to it. the old objects seem out of place. i would love to see a change of old objects in game. but i guess it’s a lot of work.


A gradual change seems like a good idea.


I honestly like both, the old and the new style and once u get used to it they’re fine even when mixed, I just think it should be consistent on the individual items, like the rabbits.

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