I would love too see some alternate controls as the swiping is very difficult to manage especially on smaller screens. Possibly something like a double click or a click and hold type situation. Controller support would be super helpful as well.


I’m using pc and MSI app player (modded Bluestack with less ads)
there is an advanced controls section, where you can add things, it’s manual and even if I share with you might not work because its dependent on screen size, resolution and stuff.
Basically you can add keys and simulate a swipe start and finish position and add delay (combat lag), so I made key controls like craft left, right, up, drop item, eat, chat, lift container. I got some options to drop items under, 1 tile under, left of me, I don’t use it too often. Also there is a margin of error that I need to wait animations to finish or set delay based on lag (rn I used 0.4 seconds delay) so I don’t mess up. Like my up button is for lifting baskets or stacks but if I step to sides, and I ‘wobble’ I can craft upward accidentally.

This way I got keyboard control and I suppose it would work with a controller, yeah it would be better if we had key controls directly. But just for crafting in 4 directions would be one each (like YGHJ) then WASD or arrow movement then drop, lift, eat, chat. since I use dropping under me more often I rather use that than crafting downwards, and lifting stacks than crafting upwards, so I work side to side. also the center of the items under you are quite close to your feet so you lift up shoes way too often so rather not wear shoes. couldn’t make backpack controls either because it really depends on your age where it is. also there are 2 backpack types so it’s weird. I guess I could do for the fur pack and would work for the other, and only use it when adult size.
I still use my mouse (it’s a tap not a click technically) for movement and replacing, some crafting when items allow to. it’s slower than left and right click sadly and can’t have directions for right click with the current system and game engine.

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