Covered Wagons and coach wagons(horse cart upgrade)

Take two sets of straight branches with the curved branches after theve been shaved and two plain white cloths and put them on the horse cart. Maybe we need to make it so that it requires two horses to pull the wagons.

Im thinking if the cloth on the sides of the wagon is rolled up then we could put the normal 4 items in the back but we could have a solid roof with little railings that could hold more items. Preferbiably 4 more items for a total of 8 items.

It would also be cool if we could implement a passenger system. Maybe we wont be able store items in the bottom but up to two people could ride along? Itd be nice to if moms could ride in the cart and carry their babies in their arms for the ride. To get out maybe it could treet it like how babies jump from moms arms? You have to try and move and you pop out of the cart.

Imagine being born to a family traveling in a wagon following a faint ringing sound they heard deep in the distance. Everybodys got cloth backpacks and pies. Your uncle is wearing a set of bear cloths as he drives the wagon. Your mom in a wolf skin hat and fancy cloth clothes tells you about the wagon and the long journey theyve been on. Theres a strange woman riding with you all, you dont know much about her except that your uncle and mom found her in their journey. She wears a reed skirt and a raw seel skin. Yall stop to eat and your uncle says they need to make a camp that they are running low on pies and need to build a small kitchen to cook some more. Quickly you all set out to make the necessary tools.

After the pies are made theres been a few more babies born. Your mother and uncle are getting old and the woman that rode with yall decides she likes the area so she stays behind with some of her children your mom and uncle stay to but they gift you the family wagon. They tell you their journey may be ending but you can still make it to that sweet chime they heard so long ago. So you ask some of the youths in the new village to travel with you to the promise land and you manage to convince two of your sisters to travel with you on your long journey.

Heres som pictures i found on google that the wagons could be designed after.