Cow/Bison Skin and Beef Recipes

We can get many different skin from Sheep/Mouflon/Bear/Wolf/Seal, except Bison and Cow.
We can’t get some useful stuff from a dead cow/bison. (except yellow pigment)

That will be great if we can get cow/bison skin and beef from them.

In this way,
(1) It will add more rug options: cow skin rug and bison skin rug!

(2)It will add more food recipes about beef
a. Beef steak

b. Beef strew (with carrots and potato)

c. Beef sandwich or hamburger

d. Roasting beef

e. Beef meat ball

(3)It will add new outfit option
a. backpack
cow skin backpack
bison skin backpack

b. hat
Cowboy hat

We also can get horn from dead bison to decorate our hat

c. outfit
bison skin coat

cow skin coat

d. shoes
bison skin boots

cow skin shoes
:smiley: I hope you like these advice. Thank you.


I love these ideas!

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