Cradleboard for your papoose, for the working mom

What is a cradleboard? A cradleboard is a traditional kind of Native American baby carrier. The baby is swaddled (wrapped tightly in a small blanket) and strapped to a specially designed flat board, usually made of a wood plank (although some tribes wove them from basket fibers.)

How would you craft a cradleboard you ask, well clearly it should be easy, but not too easy, i propose the crafting recipe
Two whole rabbit furs, with one half of a cut rabbit fur, two cut sticks, and one reed, sewn together.
Or maybe make a use for mouflon coats and utilize that for the cradleboard.


I would like to add three things really quick.
One: a cradleboard cant be worn at the same time as the backpack
Two: id like if you could sit the cradleboard down with the baby in it, and like a mothers grasp, the baby cant escape til 3.
Three: i propose a button to quickly switch the baby from the cradleboard to your arms for feeding, like the feeding button, but instead itd show A bottle rather than a fork and knife.

What about my cradleboard idea?

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A similar idea was raised before.
At that time, the management’s answer was "It’s systemically difficult.

Link the suggestion.

I forget which thread.
I just remember thinking it was a shame.

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