Crafting items idea

At the moment crafting something like a needle and thread can be extremely annoying expecialy for fat finger people can we please have the ‘hit box’ for things on the ground bigger expecially for smaller objects

Proposed solution:

  • in Settings, we add an option called ‘Touch Size’, with the choices Small, Medium and Large.
  • we set the size of the finger’s touch box collider depending on your settings choice.

This way, playing on devices with different screen size is handled, as are players with “fat finger” :wink:

What do you guys think?


I approve the above solution☝️

Is there a reason you don’t set it to the size of the tile? That is pretty big on even small devices.

I want to make it possible for you to move to a tile without picking up the item in it.

That makes sense, what about just for combining items? So dragging down means you don’t need to end on the object, just the tile the object is on.

This could probably be implemented. The technical difficulty is the other players. There can only be one item per tile, but there can also be players standing there. If the item were allowed to have the whole tile as touch area, then you wouldn’t be able to target players. If there was an exception when a player is in a tile, then the behavior would not be consistent (could lead to unintentional killing, etc).

There is another aspect too, which is more soft: I kind of believe that it’s a better game experience to interact with the objects than with the tiles. If you want your character to create a sharp stone, then I feel it’s “better” gameplay if you need to touch the big stone rather than the tile with the big stone in it. I do realize that this is just an opinion, and I would like to hear other opinions too!

In any case seems a good idea to have the touch area of the finger configurable. Once we have that done and send you guys an update, it would be great to hear how that changes the experience.


Yes that would be perfect!

As someone with large thumbs I definitely think the touch size is a great option, what do you think about creating a light trail when you drag across the screen, it’s so hard to see where I’m actually pressing around my finger, making it really easy for me to end up trying to place an item on a tile where an item already is, which in turn makes it really hard when I’m panicking trying to drop my bowl so I can feed my starving child :joy:
I am ashamed to say I have killed many babies this way and I’d like to apologise to all of my children that accidentally starved to death at the behest of my hammer thumbs

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this option is very good.

I like this as an option. Basically I had been using the zoom feature ie when smithing to make my success rate at drag dropping increase. And making it an option you can adjust means it won’t impair those already used to the current system or those who want to play differently then others.

That said…

There are certainly things in the game that are just way too damn small though - like some seeds including the cabbage seed. I know there are complaints on the PC version because you just can’t see them but they are made oh so much worse because we are using thumbs to interact with them. Also - U aren’t able to us a tile once and impossible sized object is on there. There really needs to be a minimum size for any object on a tile for the mobile version.


True because some are just too small

Yeah, have you seen gooseberry seeds??? So hard to pick up!

Wait till you get a freaking cabbage seed. You’ll need a frwaking microscope to be able to see it XD