Cranberry Bushes

Cranberry Bushes can be found in the green biomes, Similar to gooseberry bushes you can pick cranberries with a bowl.

A single cranberry can give 2 hunger points.

You can make a cranberry pie with bowl of cranberries, You can make cranberry juice with bowl of cranberries.


yummy :yum:

This would be nice but everyone knows cranberries are bitter😭 people usually drink cranberry juice for the health benefits

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This would be a great addition but instead of using hot adobe oven for the cranberry juice i think hot coals would work, And plus we could use the cranberry juice for curing yellow fever :slight_smile:


That makes more sense tbh :sweat_smile: Btw curing yellow fever with cranberry juice is actually a great idea.

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This is a little off topic but I LOVE cranberry juice haha, I would love to see it in the game <3

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not off topic at all dw haha! and i like white cranberry juice

why would this cure yellow fever

Just make a torch and burn msceeters… also yellow fever ain’t bad as long as your not a baby or too old(old age)… i do get the craving for new food types though…:heart: