Creating Personal Server

Hi, Iam terribly sorry I keep posting here. But Iam really having hard time playing with so much lag in western server if I want to play with people.

Is there any SEA and S. Asians that want to join my server if I create it? Non Asians are welcome too, although I can’t imagine the lag you will experience.

Since our timezone is almost the same I think it’s good to create a server we can just build a town.


Good idea.

I think the more want to join the merrier. I’ll see how is it a few days later!

PS : if you have Reddit check out r/YouRHope
I just created it since the old subreddit is dead.

I can’t find it, Discord?

It’s Reddit! I just created it, sadly I don’t have discord.

I said hello there, did you receive it?

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Hey there, I checked my subreddit and apparently im just an idiot and misspelled my own subreddit. i deleted it in shame :skull:

however i do create my server just a while ago, are you interested?

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I hope this works out! Good luck!

I would join first to check if it’s lagging OK. can you send me invitation please!?!