The new design is kinda creepy

Also, my mom accidentally shoot me with a bow.

We have a bad stall there. I’m trying to fix it but got shoot first.

Edit: second thought, i think that’s my sister grave that i see earlier and i don’t think she shoot me by accident

Edit: yep she did it again

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And I bet you didn’t curse her.

Yep. I thought she accidentally shoot me because she was talking to me about rabbit. @BadKat

Liars always grief and griefers always lie. That’s the genius in some griefers… oops! it was a mistake! No. It is never an accident.


Oh. My. God.
Now this. This is what makes the game die faster than mosquito swarms

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True, I personally like to wait in the sheep pen with a knife. Stab… oh sorry meant to stab sheep. Don’t trust nobody.