If we can’t have charcoal boxes can we at least be able to put them in storage, and also why can’t we get feathers from domesticated geese? People keep killing the geese in the pond for meat and I asked them to stop. She turned and said they respawn. They dont. And I had to travel like miles just to make some arrows


If i remember right the geese in the ponds do respawn it just takes forever.

If im remembering right it takes about an hour for each bowel of water to respawn then once the pond is fully refilled it takes several more hours to get another goose to spawn in the goose ponds but this was way before ohol and yah split so it might have been changed at some point.

But yah we need more ways of getting the feathers. First the easiest in my opinion would be that after you skin a goose it leaves behind a pile of goose feathers that act like the milkweed pile where you can infinitely pull put goose feathers until it despawns. (Wouldnt have to worry about people griefing by filling the town since they despawn rather quickly if i remember right. Well actually i dont think cut feathers despawn but i may be wrong)


I don’t think geese will respawn in yah🤔

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