Current issues in the update

There’s a lot going on after the update and most post are not focused on discussing issues. Also some issues are addressed in other places out of the forum.

This post will be focused on reporting issues, ranting isn’t allowed, any off topic replies will be deleted.

  1. Issues with the mother’s grief system, punishment too harsh, child cool down not helping with reset marathon.These two are discussed in Balancing the new “Mother’s Grief” feature / 「母の悲しみ」機能の修正について (Fixed)

  2. Cannot remove bones from basket

  3. Issues with the banishment system after update.(Fixed)

  4. When digging grave if shovel breaks dirt will disappear.

  5. Wishes for stone wall decay to be slower or have a way to repair. Also an option for stone walls not decaying on private servers.

  6. Important graves of friends decaying.

  7. Animals can pass through decayed stone walls but humans can’t.

  8. Eve spiral too close (fixed)

If there’s any other issues you can reply in English, Chinese or Japanese I’ll try my best to translate to English :slight_smile:


There will be a hot fix for some of these issues today or tomorrow.

This will be fixed in the next app update

We are investigating reports from Japan-1. If anyone has more information, please provide it, thanks!

This will be fixed in the next app update

These are items which we will try to get more user feedback and have a design discussion before we decide how to improve them.


The hot fix is rolling out now:


Thank you for the summary of the problem and the countermeasures.

It ’s a problem not listed here.
I can’t write a chronology or I can’t see it. It continues from 12/8 to the present.
I want it to be fixed if possible.

Thank you very much to the management team!


I can post but this happened


Wow! confirmed.
I can read messages from my family.
Thank you!


There’s an issue with the chronicles, they are working on it to fix the problem. Thanks for the report. :slight_smile:


Added animals can pass through decayed stone walls.

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The fix is live and seems to work.

Fixed, but requires a new app update. That will come next week.