Curse Idea against griefers

We just had a discussion and while joking around we came to a very interesting idea: The curse! Important objects could become cursed objects. This means that 3 people can curse an item. If someone destroys it, he will get cursed with a bad smell. He will have flies around him and get dirty and smelly. In this way people will recognize that person who has done that very fast. The smell will stay for a specific time, even in other life’s. An object can be uncursed by 3 people if wants to be removed. Also it should be possible to wash the smell away with holy water. That means, that 3 people have to bless a water bowl which will be used on the smelly person. Same should be possible for already banned people, so that everyone knows that this person was banned before. Maybe put a slight marker which shows the direction to the banned person.
What do you think about this idea?


And the cursed item should added something a little light maybe as a reminder.
btw, important items called a cursed item sounds not good, call it blessed item better. This is a great idea!I like it.

That’s true! Maybe blessed item and the person gets cursed. I wouldn’t make it noticeable to others, so griefers can’t know which is blessed and which not. Makes it harder for them. Only people who blessed it should be able to see something by clicking on it. Maybe next to the name there it’ saying something like : wooden box (blessed 3/3) if it’s fully blessed. The name of the object could turn blue.

Blessed item sounds nice. But it should be recognisable by everybody, or a set of griefers can bless certain useless items, like trees, etc… After all, the purpose is to prevent such act but not to catch them, i guess

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True, but then there must be 3 griefers at same time at the same spot. It’s possible but I think it wouldn’t happen that often. Also it’s possible to uncurse the item by 3 people again. Maybe there could pop up a text on the screen like with the banishment. If someone wants to bless an item, other players nearby could get asked if they want to bless it as well. In this way, a griefer or a bunch of griefer couldn’t bless the object without being noticed.

(//∇//)\ I’m thinking if ‘curse’ has different grades will get more agreements . Destroyed one blessed item get 'curse phase 1(flies around), destroyed two get ‘curse phase 2’ (walk slower). ‘curse phase 3’ (can’t take any tools made by iron)
the idea is becoming more complex and less likely to happen now. XD
but it really is a interesting idea

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I guess detail and criteria can be discussed further, but overall, this idea of curse and blessed item seems to be interesting even keeping griefer part aside.
Another weird idea… if you bless something with other players, you can locate that players bone no matter where it is. In this way, we can explore around the village without(or with less) fear that we won’t be hurried